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As the name suggests Submersible cables are designed to work flawlessly in water conditions. ... So, these cables are perhaps the sturdiest cables available which can ensure that your electrical appliances work without disruptions underwater. They are designed to transmit electricals power in wet conditions.Usage of electrical appliances calls for protection, and protection becomes all the more important when you’re using these electrical appliances along with water. Keeping in mind the requirement of flexible cables for submersible pumps and motors, Standard Electricals has crafted high-quality flat submersible cables which are suitable to be used underground, under water, or on wet surface. Since the area of installation is physically restrictive, these submersible power cables pose good insulation properties when submerged in water.
General Properties of Multicore Cables
Check out some of the properties of our multicore cables:

Customizable as per customers’ requirement.

Wires in multicore cables are available in different colours. This helps engineers in on-site panel testing.

Available in customizable length.

Available in different thickness as per the load requirement.

Product Specification

  • Phase 1phase , 3 phase
  • Brand Goodyear
  • Number Of Core 2 core to 12 cores
  • Usage/Application Industrial / domestic / Appliances
  • Conductor Type Stranded
  • Country Of Origin Made in India