FRLS Cable

FRLS Cable
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FRLS Cable

FR Cable stands for Flame Retardant cable. Sometimes it is also referred to as Flame Resistant cable or Fire Resistant cable or FRLS wires. Smart PG Electrical Pvt Ltd holds the top position among FR cable manufacturers in Delhi. We manufacture all of our flame retardant cables as per the international standards.
Notable Characteristics of Fire Resistant Cable
Our fire resistant cable has the following characteristics, have a look:

Fire Resistant: It is clear from the name of the cable, this is its most basic property.

Long-term circuit integrity in fire: Our flame resistant fires can withstand fires for a long time.

Low Smoke: In fire accidents, smoke is one of the major factors for causing deaths. Our FRLS wires and cables show low smoke and toxic gas emissions.


Multiple Design Variations

Our FRLS wires and cables are available in multiple designs as per the requirement of load on the site. These design variations include single core cable, multi core cable, etc. The design variations of flame resistant cables also vary as per the number of insulated layers used. Our company website is open 24x7 for our customers. You can visit us, one of the leading FR Cable suppliers in India any time and place your orders.

Product Specification:

  • Wire Size 1 sqmm to 1.5 sqmm
  • Suitable For House Wiring
  • Color Blue Black
  • Voltage 1100 Volts