Multi Strand Wire

Multi Strand Wire
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Multi Strand Wire

The Multi-strand wires come with a bunch of small wires bunched together to form one thick conductor. Multi-strand wires are more malleable than single strand wires with the same cross-sectional surface. The multi-stranded wires come in handy when you need a higher resistance to metal fatigue.
General Characteristics of Multi Strand Copper Wire
Following are the characteristics of our multi strand copper wire, have a look:

Flexibility: Multi strand wires are more flexible as compared to their counterparts single stranded wires. Also, such types of wires are less prone to cracks and fatigue.

Due to the use of multiple strands in their construction, they have increased surface area. This results in a decrease in resistance which in turns generates less heat.

Our multi strand cables are available at affordable prices.

Product Specification:

  • Wire Size 0.75 sqmm
  • Roll Length 90 m
  • Insulation Material PVC
  • Conductor Copper
  • Number Of Cores Single Core
  • Suitable for Homes
  • Wire Gauge 10/.0011
  • Country Of Origin Made in India
  • Conductor Stranding Multistranded