Multi Core Cable

Multi Core Cable
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Multi Core Cable

A multicore cable is a type of electrical cable that combines multiple signals or power feeds into a single jacketed cable.[1] The term is normally only used in relation to a cable that has more cores than commonly encountered.[2] Not all cables with multiple insulated conductors are called multicore cables – the core in multicore refers to the number of usable connections made, not the number of conductors or wires. In most cases, a "usable connection" requires multiple conductors, such as the positive and negative conductors used for DC power.
General Properties of Multicore Cables
Check out some of the properties of our multicore cables:

Customizable as per customers’ requirement.

Wires in multicore cables are available in different colours. This helps engineers in on-site panel testing.

Available in customizable length.

Available in different thickness as per the load requirement.

Product Specification:

  • Wire Size 1.5 sqmm
  • Roll Length 90 m
  • Color Red
  • Conductor Copper
  • Current Rating 4A
  • Voltage 220V
  • Country Of Origin Made in India