Chrome Silver & Grey Plates

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Chrome Silver & Grey Plates

Chic and sophisticated, these polished chrome switch plates and outlet covers will add shine to any room of your home with their elegant mirror finish surfaces. Particularly popular with retro chrome kitchen hardware, mirrored bedroom furniture, and shiny silver bathroom fixtures, these quality wall plates are available in a wide range of sizes. Find receptacle, toggle, Decora, phone, and blank covers, plus many oversized and hard-to-find configurations. Made in USA and UL listed.
What are the visible lines along the edges of chrome plates?

• The main difference between polished chrome and mirror finish wall plates is that you can clearly see your reflection in mirrored plates whereas polished chrome is slightly less reflective and are less maintenance. This is a very popular switch cover finish and many of our customers have found that they look very stylish in every room including the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom and even laundry room.

Product Specification:

  • Module Size 8 Module
  • Material PVC
  • Usage/Application Electrical Fittings
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Country of Origin Made in India