Modular Grey Switches

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Modular Grey Switches

It’s been a while since the majority of house and shop owners have settled for standardized aesthetics within their interiors. Why default to a plain, more affordable look when you can invest more to raise the public impression of your spaces—and property values? Maximalism is the trend that buyers are adhering to when planning their interiors. It is a market defined by ostentatiousness, and customers are attentive to the smallest details to make their places look smart.
There are a number of finishes that Precision Electricals offers:

• Graphite Black

• Pearl Silver

• Space Grey

• Champagne Gold

• Oak Wood

Product Specification:

  • Switch Operation 1-Way
  • Module Size ALL SIZE
  • Material Polycarbonate
  • Usage/Application HOME,OFFICE
  • Country of Origin Made in India