Multi Plug

Smart Electrical

Multi Plug

An electric device that allows more than one plug to connect to a single socket by containing multiple similar sockets; particularly for mains electricity.
3 Main Advantages

• They are used in the agricultural sector for pumping, drying, and ventilation equipment.

• This is used indoors where the wiring connections at risk for getting in contact with underwater or toxic contaminants.

• Industrial plugs and sockets are used in the outdoor construction sites in which the wire connections are exposed to bad weather or damp ground.

• Also used in the places where the wiring connections are exposed to water.

• Used in the places where there is a heavy risk of partial flooding and high risks of waves.

Product Specification:

  • Color multicolour
  • Current Rating 5 Amp
  • Number of Pins 3.0
  • Pin Type 3 Pin
  • Material polycarbonate
  • Usage/Application home offices
  • Body Material Plastic
  • Power 6amp
  • Rated Voltage(Volt) 220V
  • Country of Origin Made in India